high comedy by J.-B. Moliere

"Tartuffe" perturbs and enraptures its spectators. Director had the intention of graceful, exquisite show about talented people - people that get an enormous pleasure from their sincere life in their own game of eventful tempestuous and rich of fighting and passion life.

Director - Honored Worker of Arts of Republic of Uzbekistan NABI ABDURAKHMANOV
Composer – Laureate of International awards DMITRY YANOV-YANOVSKY
Set designer – OYBEK KAYUMOV
Set designer of new version – ANASTASIYA CHAPLENKO
Choreographer - ANNA TRENINA

Costume shop of the theatre - M.STOROJENKO, T.ISHMURZINA, M.GUSAKOVA

XVII century is very often named as a "gold age of theatre art”. The Founder of European classical comedy is French playwright, actor and theatre figure, reformer of scenic art - Moliere, real name - Jean-Baptiste Poklen (1622 -1673). For a long time Moliere travelled with his troupe on provinces, where got acquainted with actor's skill and public taste. In 1658 he has obtained permission of King to play with his troupe in court theatre in Paris. Rested upon traditions of the public theatre and achievements of a classicism he created a genre of social - domestic comedy, in which buffoonery and plebeian humor matched with refinement and artistry. Moliere has left a rich heritage - more than 30 plays in different genre: farce, divertissement, situation comedy, characters and other - translated nearly into all languages of the world. The comedies of Moliere touch the broad circle of problems which are actual in all times. Showing imperfection of people Moliere realized the main principle of the comedy genre - through laughter to harmonize world and human relations. Creative work of Moliere rendered an enormous influence on art not only of France but also on the whole world dramaturgy. Inexhaustible fantasy, wit and brightness of characters make the plays of Moliere eternal.

On a stage of the Youth theatre of Uzbekistan Tartuffe will outrage and enrapture Tashkent spectators. Director has the intention of graceful, exquisite show about talented people - people that get an enormous pleasure from their sincere life in their own game of eventful tempestuous and rich of fighting and passion life.

And this is not going away from Moliere's dramaturgy, who wrote out bright characters and human types in 17th century, but in opposite - longing for getting deeper into characters made by great playwrighter. Wishing to understand a human essence, which did not change since the creation of the world.
And also this show is about Moliere himself. Not without a reason at the beginning and in the end of each acts of the show "Tartuffe" there are frames of quotation from real appeals of Moliere to King of France Louis, The XIV.

The theatre action grows in a final of the show into the true worship of an Artist, who disclosed eternal essence - nature of the people!

Splendid and ironical music, which completely reflects the nature of the production, emphasizes the idea of director, and costumes which are seem like they just came from modern fashion podiums wipe the bounds of epochs. Because characters and problems and mainly - that human passions which are touched by Moliere will not ever changed!
The show presents to spectators a happiness of their own disclosure - very kind and clever! The theatre sings HOSANNA to MOLIERE and his loved by him heroes – and it means – to all of us, who SINCERELY are living on the Earth!

The play “TARTUFFE” by Moliere was realized as international project in Tel-Aviv's BEIT ZVI Theatre School by Artistic Director of Youth theatre of Uzbekistan, Honored Worker of Arts of Uzbekistan Nabi Abdurakhmanov in January, 2000.

The production group from Uzbekistan was: set designer Vasiliy Gulenko, composer Dmitry Yanov-Yanovsky and ballet master Malika Iskandarova. The show had a big success and was carried from small stage of the theatre to biggest.

Inspired of success of the show in Israel the director staged "Tartuffe" already on the scene of Youth theatre. On 3d of April, 2006 a remarkable comedy of Moliere appeared in repertoire of the theatre.
The show was participant of The VIII International festival of Russian theatres of CIS and Baltic countries "Meetings in Russia" in St.Petersburg and had got remarkable reviews of well known theatrical critics and exacting public.

In 2010 director Nabi Abdurakhmanov decided to invite a popular Greek actor Genadios Patsis to a role of Tartuffe. This actor is well known to Tashkent spectators by his main roles in “Cyrano de Bergerac”, "To be or not to be", "Every year at the same day", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and others (in repertoire of the Academic Russian drama theatre of Uzbekistan in 70-90-h years of XX century).

Genadios Patsis has taken this offer to take part in joint project with a big pleasure.

The premiere of the new version of the show was held at 28th of May, 2010.

In 1996 she has finished a study in Tashkent State theatre-artistic institute on skill – an actor of dramatic theatre and cinema (head of course – N.Abdurakhmanov). For almost 20 years of the work in theatre she played near to 40 diverse roles, and 18 of them – main roles. She has an experience of a work in cinema and TV.

Creative activity of Vassa Vasileva reveals itself also as a costume designer – she made design of costumes to already 10 shows, including shows in Israel and Russia. For such work for the show "First Love of Khodja Nasreddin" she was awarded by "Mark Vayl Prize" and named as A Best Costume Designer of the Year – 2009.