a lyric drama based on the I.Turgenev’s play “Month In A Village”

The performance about an eternal yearning of a human to a high Love, to worthy and beautiful deeds, to concepts of Honor and Nobility. Performance will impress any astute spectator, since the struggle between Duty and Feeling is familiar to each of us.

The production was staged with the support of the Government of Moscow City, the Moscow Fund of Support for Countrymen named after Yury Dolgoruky.

Directed by –Honored Worker of Arts of Uzbekistan Nabi ABDURAKHMANOV
Set designer – Anastasia CHAPLENKO
Costume designer – Vassa VASILEVA
Composer – Laureate of International Competitions Dmitriy YANOV-YANOVSKY
Video-projections’ designer – Maria LUKYANOVA

The production participated in the 11th International Festival “Meetings in Russia” (2009)

Duration – 3 hours and 15 hours, intermission included.

Premiered on the stage of The “Baltic Hoese” Theatre as a part of the International Festival “Meetings in Russia” on April 6, 2009.
Premiered on the stage of the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan on April 24, 2009.

“In his creations Turgenev makes me think of the Gothic Temple, the walls of which, laying deeply down into the grounds, constantly strive for the heights up above, enchanting the people’s glares with its colorful radiant windows, distinguishingly elegant stair-wells and lacy cravings and, bravely elevating into the clear sky, into the sky of sublime aspirations, the nobility of thoughts and feelings, into the sky of the moral perfections”

A.F. Connie – a memoirist of the late 19th and early 20th century, a liberal public activist, a lawyer, a court theoretic and a literature critic.

Since 1998, the International Festival of Russian Theatres of CIS and the Baltic States “Meetings in Russia” – annual theatrical forum, serving the idea of uniting Russian-speaking theatres – has been organized in the city of St-Petersburg.

“Meetings in Russia” cross all the barriers and bless with the joy of the creative artistic conversation, discover brand-new names and proof that our theatrical family was never broken down but still prospers and strives for the same, alike interests and lives by alike concerns”. (A. Kalyagin) The purpose of the festival is to gather and unite artistic individuals, thus letting them learn from the experiences of each and every one of their fellow colleagues from many different countries.

And theatres, taking part at the festival, demonstrate viewers, colleagues and critics their professional skills and creative state of ensembles.
The Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan has participated in this festival for a whole 16 time.