by L.Tolstoy

It is absolutely original version of the famous story of Classic writer.
This is a combination of modern plastique, signature music, and high poetry in a single stage action. Performance "Kholstomer" is a story about the eternal quest for Freedom and the High Flight of Soul. This is the story of Pegasus!

Directed by – Honored artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Nabi Abdurakhmanov
Composer – Dmitriy Yanov-Yanovskiy
Stage designer – Winner of the state premiums Igor Gulenko
Choreographed by – Shukhrat Tokhtasimov, Malika Iskandarova

The performance goes in Russian. At present moment it is planning to translate in English.
Rhythmic “dance” of horse herd during all performance is as expression of “residing” of natural and social life of animals and people in their complicated contradictory interlacing. And the main acting person, is legendary gelding Kholstomer, exposing a vagueness of human life, connects in itself all the most important.

Director of the performance – Honored artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Nabi Abdurakhmanov on a press-conference after a premiere has told to the journalists, that working on “Kholstomer” is a surprising and disturbing product of the greatest Russian writer, we wanted to feel an energy of soul of Tolstoy, to see the world by his eyes from the height of his Flight, to be penetrated by spirit of this great person. This performance - is not a remake of known performance of Tovstonogov with Lebedev, but new one, our own version of classics, played just today's youth. Creators tried to synthesize a word, music, a plastics and to force this uniform, poetic alloy “to work“. In my work I want to retell not a history of the horse but the history of young horses, full of energy and power who could not reach a high spiritual level and that’s why they destroy Kholstomer. You see, in my play at the final not people but horses themselves killed Kholstomer. I wanted to show, that Kholstomer not only at life time, but even after death has the right to flight. He is capable internally to fly very highly. And the young ones, in general already never will fly up. Because on their conscience - perfect evil. To tell the true, I wanted to make performance about Pegasus », - director says.

The actors have treated with a respect of what they did with big comprehension, everyone in own way has gone through and has experienced internal dynamics of product, depth of its tragical poetry.
The young actor Anvar Kartaev is skillfully expresses an image of Kholstomer, asserting greatness of life and power of spirit, right on a Flight, Love and Dignity of a reasonable being created by God’s will.
This activity became some kind of revelation for them, school of professional growth, you see only on good repertoire is educated and the creative person is reshaped. All actors work in performance neatly, competently, with excitement, creating a fine scenic ensemble.

During the tours along the cities of Russia the critics have noticed very precise director's selection of this actor on a role of the protagonist, his real style - thin bone, elegance, height. It was much spoken that performance is staged by means of modern scenic language, a very complicated Tolstoy’s material is done by youth theatre and intended for youth.

A high estimation was given to scenography, executed by the remarkable artist Igor Gulenko.
Costumes, scenery, the properties – everything is aimed to unified culture of the scenic truth, finely and carefully was organized in time and space.

Magnificent music by Dmitriy Yanov-Yanovskiy, is brightly managed to express Tolstoy’s work.

The performance goes 1 hour 40 minutes on one breathing with full sold out.
There are 14 actors taking part in performance.