Interview and articles

On January 1, 2013, one of the oldest general circulation newspaper "PRAVDA VOSTOKA," published an interview with Nabi entitled "The Sun In Our Hearts" featuring his creative plans for the upcoming year. 

The bimonthly political-social illustrated magazine for the Russian speaking audience in Central Asia entitled “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” ("Edinstvo v raznoobrazii") published an extensive interview with Nabi entitled "Director Nabi Abdurakhmanov: Above all on Stage is Sincerity" in 2009. The article features the huge success of a play entitled “Honest people,” staged by Turgenev’s drama “A Month In The Country,” which was acclaimed as the one of best performances of the Eleventh International Festival of Russian Theaters "Meetings in Russia.”

In 2003, the popular illustrated monthly magazine entitled "BELLATERRA" published another comprehensive interview with Nabi taken by Madina Muminova entitled  "Lessons of Success.  Nabi Abdurakhmanov."  The journalist points out as follows: 

 "What would distinguish the director of the Youth Theater who for many years has been so successfully surviving on the Uzbekistan stage?  Youth.  Youth of soul, of heart, progressiveness of standpoints, consistent with wisdom of a true leader.  The person, who was able transform a collective into a family, and every play – into a real festival."

In the First edition of 2009, the same magazine published another article "Two Anniversaries and One Festival" by M. Muminova featuring his successful works during a period of more than 30 years.

In 2007, Edition No. 2, the major professional trade publication "INIE BEREGA" – a magazine about Russian Culture abroad, published an article entitled "Space of Stage – and Space of Soul" by Rimma Krechetova featuring Nabi’s original staging “Parable About Love Given” of the classic Uzbek poem of A.Navoi as a joint project with “Baltic House” Theatre-Festival and his staging “Fiddler On The Roof” in a program of the “Meetings In Russia” festival in St-Petersburg.

On January 25, 2008, the Russian newspaper "NEVSKOJE VREMIA" ("Neva Times") published an article "Khodja Nasreddin Will Call For High Love" by Elena Dobryakova featuring the play "First Love Of Khodja Nasreddin," staged by Nabi Abdurakhmanov at the "Baltic House" Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

The matters and problems of theatrical life, development of theatrical art, its role and social mission, were discussed and covered in a broad interview "If Evil Wins, It Is Not An Art" taken by Zhamoliddin Turdimov and published in the monthly magazine "ECONOMIC REVIEW " in 2006, No 10.

The major trade publication, illustrated magazine of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan "SAN'AT (ARTS)" published an article featuring his work at the Youth Theater of Uzbekistan in Edition No. 4, 2000, entitled "Theater - His Destiny" featuring him as a talented and original producer, and a unique stage director.  The author of the article Dulfuza Rakhmatullaeva stated the following:

"An important role in the Theater’s success belongs to its Artistic Director, “Honored Worker of Arts of Uzbekistan” Nabi Abdurakhmanov.  Nabi Abdurakhmanov is one of the stage directors in the Uzbekistan Republic who is characterized and distinguished by his own unique methods in dramatic arts.  Many of his plays have become significant cultural events in theatrical life.  They attract special attention and discussions.  This might be explained by the director’s constant search for new and different interpretations of well-known plays and his refusal to limit himself with any achievements."

On January 14, 2000, the general circulation daily newspaper "MOLODEZH UZBEKISTANA” (“YOUTH OF UZBEKISTAN”) published an article by Ivan Yakubov entitled "Spirit of Restless Conscience" which highlighted achievements in development of the Youth Theater of Uzbekistan. The author stated as follows:

"Headed by the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Nabi Abdurakhmanov, the old theater has taken on a new lease of life. Besides the change of the theater's name, an attitude to the concept of performing arts has changed. The theater, thanks to a new "birth" and classy professional work of Nabi Kayumovich, began to raise onto a higher creative level."

Another general circulation newspaper "BUSINESS VESTNIK VOSTOKA" published an article entitled "Return From Long Journeys," an interview with Nabi taken by Maria Novoprudskaya and featuring his work as a Stage Director in Israel. On January 8, 1998, the same newspaper published another article by M. Tulyahodzhaeva who said that "In today’s day, Nabi Abdurakhmanov has his theater that cannot be misrecognized with any other theater in the state."

Nabi Abdurakhmanov’s work in Israel as a Stage Director was featured in magazines published in the Russian language in Israel and Uzbekistan. On March 3, 2000, the weekly magazine "Prestige" published an article entitled "Triumph of Tartuffe In Israel" by Irina Shmeleva featuring his success in staging the famous plays "Kholstomer" by L.N. Tolstoy and "Princess Turandot" by K. Gozzi as part of his work on the Tel-Aviv stages in Israel.

In edition No. 49 the weekly magazine “Prestige” published an article entitled "Newborn Turandot" featuring a successful premiere of the famous play by K. Gozzi in Israel. The author Vadim Murathanov stated as follows:

"A master less dedicated and sophisticated than Abdurakhmanov might have given in to temptation to spice up the scene of a simple love collision.  But, to the credit of a director, a sense of proportion has not let him down this time again.  The performance of the Youth Theater came into the world pure, chaste, and sincere, not defiled with a falsehood or desire to pleasure the audience at any cost."

On March 3, 2000, the newspaper "EKO" published an article entitled "Gas Station. What Is it?" by Irina Kochergina saying that a play entitled "Tartuffe" staged by Nabi on the Israeli stage became "a visit card of highly professional theatrical art of Uzbekistan."

In his early years, the major general circulation political and social newspaper "NARODNOE SLOVO" regularly published articles as follows:

On July 16, 1997, the newspaper "TASHKENTSKAYA PRAVDA" published an article entitled "A Magical World of Andersen" by G. Rakhmanova featuring Nabi’s successful staging of "A Little Match Girl" by H.C. Andersen.  The author stated the following about director: "He was able to pinpoint the style of play, discover bright, imaginative means of expression available to the perception of young viewers."  On May 17, 1997, the same newspaper published another article "Nabi Abdurakhmanov, The Man of the Theater" by G. Rakhmanova featuring his innovative staging techniques.

On September 27, 2001, another political and social newspaper "THE MIRROR XXI" published an article entitled "Nabi Abdurakhmanov - "The Main Thing is to Remember Yourself" in the form of an extensive interview with him featuring his international theatrical projects.

In May 1998, the professional all-Russian newspaper "SCREEN AND STAGE" in its edition No. 20 (436), published another extensive interview entitled "Spectators Build The Theater" taken by Ekaterina Dmitrievskaya and featuring the great response to Nabi Andurakhmanov’s work at the international festival.

The newspaper called "CLASS" which publishes works of young authors, featured versions of staging the play "Princess Turandot."

In April 1997, Edition No. 4, the national illustrated magazine "UZBEKISTAN AIRLINES" published in both Russian and English languages and intended for reading by domestic and international visitors of Uzbekistan, published an article entitled "Beyond All Age Limits" by a doctor of art Mukhabbat Tulyakhodjaeva.  The article featured progressive innovations made by Nabi after he was appointed as the Artistic Director, the Theater's growth and his personal contribution to that growth as follows:

"Nabi Abdurakhmanov, the “Honored Artist of Uzbekistan” came to the theatre a few years ago and radically changed its image.  Comprising all the features of a modern producer, he started by staging the play "plastic vision," which is a refined musical perception and has brought new life into the theater. [...] This way Abdurakhmanov succeeded in reorganizing the theatre, rejuvenating the actors, training them both in the Arts Institute and in his own studio". 

Later on, the same magazine "UZBEKISTAN AIRLINES" published another article entitled "A Theater With a Second Breath" by Nataliya Fioletova.  The article featured new plays staged at Youth Theater of Uzbekistan and Nabi’s outstanding contribution to the Theater's success.  The article stated the following:

"It has been stated that modern theatre has become petty, but we can convincingly say that the work of the cast from the Uzbekistan Youth Theater has proved this wrong in its premier performance of "Kholstomer."  This performance swiftly burst into the theatre life of Tashkent and became a public event."    

The abovementioned article also cited the famous actor, Vyatcheslav Polunin, who stated the followed after seeing the performance:

"Parable About Love Given" (aka "The Parable of Gifted Love"): it is a stage masterpiece created by Nabi Abdurakhmanov.  The uniqueness lies in his ability to use classical forms of theatre enhanced by complicated dramatic material and deep philosophy creating a moment when spirituality and reality are mingled in a most unusual fashion." 

On November 17, 2001, a general circulation newspaper "VANTANPAWAR" published an article entitled "Audience Applauds for "Turandot" by K. Mirgalautdinov stating that the premiere of our play "Princess Turandot" gained tremendous success.

The great success of premieres of plays staged by Nabi was featured in the articles "The Last Night By Omar Khayyam" by Andrey Filatov published on December 24, 1997 in newspaper "PRAVDA VOSTOKA"

An article "We Came To You With Verity" by Elvira Kvasova published in "BUSINESS VESTNIK VOSTOKA" on June 7, 2001.

The Uzbek national newspaper "YOUTH OF UZBEKISTAN" published an article "I Would Compare You To Bloodletting" about Nabi’s staging version of the adult play "A Woman Is A Devil" by Prosper Merimee and stated the following:

"Nabi Abdurakhmanov dreams up, strikes up, looks for and finds.  His experiments are very harmonic.  His fantasies are beautiful.  His ideas...  They are interesting.  His festive theater wins the hearts of its spectators."

On April 20, 1992, the newspaper "VECHERNIY TASHKENT"  published another article "A Medicine for Passivity" featuring a successful work in the staging of the famous play " Doctor In Spite Of Himself."

In its October 2001 edition, another major professional trade publication "STRASTNOY BOULEVARD, 10" which is an official organ of the Professional Union of Theatrical Workers of the Russian Federation, published an article about Nabi stating the following:

"Years of professional experience, organizational skills, and his creative fundamentals - all of these created a contemporary framework and gathered a wide popularity and placed Nabi Abdurakhmanov among the leading stage directors."

This magazine published several articles about a festival “Meetings in Russia” in St-Petersburg, include the shows of Youth theatre of Uzbekistan in programs of this festival.

The newspaper «Pravda Vostoka» published other articles about Nabi’s early years entitled "The Entire World Is On The Stage" on June 16, 1992 (an extensive interview taken by M. Tulyahodzhaeva) and "From Conception to Implementation" on May 26, 1999 by Munid Zakirov.

“Bella Terra” magazine about the show on a style of progressive rock “Sodom and Gomorrah – XXI”

An interview of Nabi in “Darakchi” weekly magazine, 2002.

In 2009, Edition No. 2, the major professional trade publication "INIE BEREGA" – a magazine about Russian Culture abroad, published an article entitled "Again - Meetings in Russia" by Rimma Krechetova featuring Nabi’s original staging of the classic drama play entitled "Honest People" based on Ivan Turgenev’s play “A Month In A Village”.

On April, 2008, one of the oldest general circulation newspaper of Russia "A Culture" published an article entitled "Nears and Distants" about the “Meetings In Russia” festival in St-Petersburg and Nabi’s original staging “” based on T.Zulfikarov’s poem “First Love Of Khodja Nasreddin” as a project of “Baltic House” Theatre-Festival, and his stagings “Sodom and Gomorrah – XXI” and “Doctor In Spite Of Himself” showed in the program of this festival’s edition of 2008.

An interview of Nabi Abdurakhmanov for the newspaper "News of Uzbekistan", January 28, 2011 – "Twenty years after".

«Uzbekistan Today» newspaper about a festival “Baltic House” in Tashkent.

The weekly newspaper "HUMO" and newspaper "Tashkent Evening" about joint project with St-Petersburg Theatre "Baltic House" - a show "Parable About Love Given" of A.Navoi, shown in a program of the festival "Baltic House in Tashkent".

Articles about trip of the Youth theatre of Uzbekistan to festivals in Kuznetsk and Samara and other cities in 2000.

Pages of Youth theatre of Uzbekistan production in a booklet of the International street theatres festival “Bumborambia” in Kuznetsk, Russia, 2000.

Articles about tour of Youth theatre of Uzbekistan on cities of Russia – Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Omsk in 2005.

Article about a show “Sodom and Gomorrah – XXI” in the newspaper “Mirror XXI”.

Article about a show “Sodom and Gomorrah – XXI” in the Russian general newspaper “Trud” (“Labour”).

Interview of Youth theatre’s actors Vassa Vasileva, Dmitry Kuprey and Abror Yuldashev for the “Pravda Vostoka” newspaper.

Articles about “Honest People” show in “Bella Terra” and “Crossroad of Arts” magazines.

Article about Commemoration meeting of a stage director Olga Chernova in Youth theatre of Uzbekistan

An article about the show “A Little Match Girl” in a newspaper “Pravda Vostoka”, 1997.

An article about the premiere of the show “Sharora, The Eternal Dancer” in a newspaper “Pravda Vostoka”, 2003.

An article about the show “Crash-Boom…” in a newspaper “Narodnoe slovo”, 2002.

Articles about the show “CREEPS” in Youth theatre of Uzbekistan.

Some articles about participations of Youth theatre of Uzbekistan in programs of St-Petersburg International festival “Meetings In Russia”.

An Interview of Nabi Abdurakhmanov for the “Tasvir” newspaper.

The Youth Theater of Uzbekistan organized on its base International Festival of Youth Theaters, Dance and Music "HUMO", and the Theater hosted four festivals in Tashkent in 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2004.

N.Abdurakhmanov became a co-founder and an Artistic Director of international festival of theaters "Theatre.UZ" held annually since 2010 till 2013. Every Festival receives rapturous compliments from public and critics, and is widely covered by the media.

Pages from a journal of the International Theatre Institute about theatres in Uzbekistan and marked text and photos about Youth theatre Uzbekistan, in Russian and English.

Playbill of the show “A Little Match Girl” in a program of the Moscow International Chekhov Festival, 1998.

Playbill of “Sodom and Gomorra XXI” - the plastique/dance show in a style of progressive rock in a program of the Moscow International Chekhov Festival, 2005.

Playbill of the show “Constellation of Omar Khayyam” staged by Nabi Abdurakhmanov in Israel.

Playbill of a tour of Youth theatre of Uzbekistan on three cities of Russia – Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Omsk.

An interview of Nabi Abdurakhmanov for the weekly magazine “Na dosuge”, 2014.

An article “A Premiere Again” about the show “A Happy End” in a “Noviy Vek” newspaper, №3 on 16.01.2014

An article about the show “Worlds In Collision” in a weekly magazine “Na dosuge”, 7 of May, 2015

An article about the show “Worlds In Collision” in an Uzbek newspaper “Literature and Arts of Uzbekistan”, 22 of May, 2015

On September 18, 2013, the weekly magazine "HUMO" published a two full-page article entitled "Nabi Abdurakhmanov: I Devotedly and Always Believe in Theater, Happiness, and Love" by Gulnar Ustimenko featuring Nabi Abdurakhmanov’s work as a Artistic Director of the International Theater Festival "THEATRE.UZ" and his theater's performance at the festival "Meetings in Russia." The author described him as follows:

"The theatrical critic once said that you are a natural theater person; that you developed scenical art to the level of an esthetical program.  Also you are titled a stage director who does not copy or imitate anyone."