A leading Actress of the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan,
A Chief leader of theatrical festivals’ international projects,
A Costume Designer,
A Pedagogue of aт acting skill and stage speech of the School-Studio of Dramatic Arts at the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan.

Graduated from the Tashkent State Institute of Theatrical Arts – “Theatre and Cinema Actor” faculty (master of the course – N. Abdurakhmanov) at 1996.
Works at the Youth Theater of Uzbekistan since 1993.
Currently stars in numerous on-going productions of the theatre’s repertoire.
The list of roles counts near to 50 characters of most various genres.

V.Vasileva as an art-manager of a theatre festival, successfully manages discovering of shows and organizing their participation in festival programs as well as of various master-classes and international projects’ development and their further accomplishment.

She successfully works as a costume designer for many productions of the theatre, and a number of collaborative international productions too. Her records of service include 16 productions in Tashkent, 2 in Israel and 2 in Russia.

The actress shares her rich experience and mastership to young generations of performers by serving as a pedagogue of the School-Studio of Dramatic Arts at the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan.
She has got an experience of working both on theater stage, cinema and television screens.
One of the highlights of her cinematic career is the leading role in the S. Nazarmukhamedov movie “In Sleep I Cry Bitterly”.
Her work on television is marked with a hosting and co-authoring a special program for women “Between Us” in a span of 2 years.

RESUME (as an actress):

  1. PRINCESS TURANDOT” of С. Gozzi – the title role of Turandot
  2. A HAPPY END” of I. Netanyahu – the lead female role of Leah
  3. KHOLSTOMER, THE HISTORY OF A HORSE” by L. Tolstoy – the lead female role of Vyazopurikha
  4. PARABLE ABOUT LOVE GIVEN” by A. Navoi – the lead female role of Virgin (St-Petersburg – Tashkent)
  5. TARTUFFE” by J.-B. Moliere – Elmire
  6. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF” by Sholom-Aleichem – roles of Godl; Tseitl
  7. DOCTOR IN SPITE OF HIMSELF” by J.-B. Moliere –Martine
  8. EQUUS” by P. Shaffer –Jill; Esther
  9. SHARORA THE DANCER” by T.Zulfikarov – Virgin (Angelina - Adeline - Adelaide - A War)
  10. SODOM AND GOMORRAH - XXI” – plastique/dance show in a style of progressive rock – the lead female role of Maiden
  11. CONSTELLATION OF OMAR KHAYYAM” by T. Zulfikarov – Turkan-Khatun
  12. Joint project “” of T. Zulfikarov – Poet-Dervish (St-Petersburg – Tashkent)
  13. EIGHT LOVING WOMEN” based on R. Thomas play –Augustine
  14. THE HONEST PEOPLE” based on I. Turgenev’s “Month in a village” play – the lead female role of Natalya
  15. Cinderella” of E. Schwartz – the title role of Cinderella
  16. “The Tinderbox” of G.-H. Andersen – Princess
  17. The little match girl” by G.-H. Andersen – Cold Spirit
  18. A Scarlet Flower” by S.Aksakov – the lead role of Alyonushka
  19. “Holiday Of Disobedience”, S. Mikhalkov – the role of the oldest daughter
  20. “Chamber-shock”, S. Mikhalkov –Mouse; Fox
  21. Tree Piglets”, S. Mikhalkov – of Nif-Nif
  22. “The Sentry of His Majesty” of A. Vasileva – The Princess
  23. Puss in Boots”, Sh. Perro – The Princess
  24. “The Turpin”, a Russian folk fairytale – the role of The Bird
  25. “Thumbelina”, G.-H. Andersen – The Swallow
  26. “The True Santa Clause” – Maria Ivanovna
  27. “Skomorokhshian Tale”, a Russian folk fairytale – the role of Alyonushka
  28. “When Dolls Aren’t Sleeping” – the role of Rose the doll
  29. “A Skewbald Dog, Running Across The Sea Shore”, Ch. Aytmatov – the role of The Sea
  30. “Subbastik” – the role of the schoolgirl
  31. “A New Year Fairytale” – the role of Vasilisa the Wonderful
  32. Outdoor show “Navruz” – the role of the Spring
  33. “Crash-Boom-Tararam!...”, B. Sikora – the role of the clown-girl
  34. “A Mystery of Sacred Necklace” –Reykhana
  35. “Theatrical Steps – 1”, R. Kashaeva –Skomorokh
  36. “Theatrical Steps – 2”, R. Kashaeva – Indian taleteller
  37. “Theatrical Steps – 3”, R. Kashaeva – Aphrodite
  38. “A Hot Ice-Cream”, I. Maran – Rose
  39. The Snow Queen” by E. Schwartz – the roles of The Princess; The Snow Queen
  40. “Semurgh” by Kh. Alimjan – the role of Peri
  41. A Cat’s House”, S. Marshak – The Cat

RESUME (as a costume designer):

  1. Games of Olympus”, R. Kashaeva
  2. WORLDS IN COLLISION”, Iddo Netanyahu
  3. SCARLET SAILS”, A. Grin
  4. Alladin’s Sacred Lamp”, from the book of “1000 and 1 Night” 
  5. A WOMAN IS A DEVIL”, P. Merimee
  6. A HAPPY END”, Iddo Netanyahu
  7. TARTUFFE”, J.-B. Moliere
  10. EIGHT LOVING WOMEN” based on R. Thomas’ play
  11. THE HONEST PEOPLE”, based on the I. Turgenev play “Month In A Village”
  12. «OVER AN ABYSS IN A LIE...» based on T. Williams, A. Makayonok plays
  13. The Snow Queen”, E. Schwartz 
  14. Brokeback Hobbyhorse”, E. Ershow
  15. The Scarlet Flower”, A. Aksakov
  16. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs”, the Grimm Brothers
  17. Joint Project “”, T. Zulfikarov (St-Petersburg – Tashkent)
  18. Joint Project “Parable About Love Given” by A. Navoi (St-Petersburg - Tashkent)
  19. CONSTELLATION OF OMAR KHAYYAM” by T. Zufikarov (also a set designer and a choreographer of the revival) (Israel)
  20. “A Little Wagon” (Israel)
  21. AUTUMN ENNUI” by comedy of N.Nekrasov