by “A Book of Revelations of Omar Khayyam” of Timur Zulfikarov.

Everything, that takes place on the scene, the life, born by the poet is recited to the spectators as a poetic allegory, as the life even in the last day lives on a high scale of entirety and talent, the great son of East - poet, scientist, thinker - imam Giyas-ad-din Abu-l Fatkh Omar ibn Ibrahim on a nickname Khayam.

The production is dedicated to blessed memory of my teachers – Olga Chernova and Irina Grinberg

In memoriam to my mother – Ludmila Uspenskaya

Dramatized and directed by - Nabi Abdurakhmanov 
Stage and costume designer – Laureate of the State prizes - Igor Gulenko
Composer – Laureate of International Competitions Dmitry Yanov-Yanovsky
Choreographers - Shukhrat Tokhtasimov, Malika Iskandarova
In the main role - Albert Khalmurzaev

On April, 1998 the production was performed in 3rd Moscow A.Chekhov’s International Theatre Festival (as a gift).
On April of 2001 the production was a participant of the International Festival “Meetings in Russia” in St-Petersburg, Russia
The production was named as “Best Show” at the Tashkent Theatre Festival “Spring Crossroads” and its director Nabi ABDURAKHMANOV was awarded with the “Best Director of the Year” award.

Duration – 2 hours and 15 minutes, intermission included.
Premiered on December 13, 1997.

The plot of the poem, as well as of this production, revolves around the lifetime memories of the Poet in the last of his living days. With the power of his God-given talent and immense poetry he recreates, in front of eyes and around him, not just the timeline of his life stories – he creates that very life in a form more spiritually saturated and poetically exalted. In the very last of his days, the 83-years old man, lives a life of young lad Omar with a mad thirst for love, once again feels deeply the story of his love to a young girl Maina, her tragic death and the birth of their daughter Munisa, whom he loses as she went into the night, following the caravan trails on the Great Silk Road. The audience witnesses the love and death of Omar Khayyam’s friend – Abdurakhman-khan; drunkenly loud feasts at the Khan’s palace; intrigues and death of the Grand Vizier Nizam-al-mulk from the hands of Khasan Sabbakh’s assassins; Omar’s meeting with the maddokh-singer during the Hajj to Mecca, who appears to him as the Saint Khizir and teaches him the holiest truth of life, inherited from the Prophet himself.

The production is based on the very complex piece of literature – the poem by T. Zulfikarov (the Russian poet and writer, the Laureate of the International Award “Best European Novel” in 1993) “A Book of Revelations of Omar Khayyam”. The critics, who awarded the production with “Best Show” award, note that it’s thanks for the directional interpretation of Nabi Adburakhmanov this scenic adaptation transcended into a pure philosophical revelation. Timur Zulfikarov, who experienced the production himself, admitted that he had not expected anything like this - a brilliant, colorful, musically-mastered spectacle, which he proclaimed as: “A Magic of A Theatre, whereas Nabi Abdurakhmanov’s theatre is nothing close to a insincerity or falsity of any kind.