a comedy-tale for adults by C.Gozzi

Cheerful and festive, but also incredibly touching and pure performance. 
Personages of Сommedia dell'arte will make you laugh till cries, and heroes of a fairy-tale story will present you madness about love.

... he who sees her picture is so lost,
That to possess the living picture he
Would blindly walk into the arms of death.

Directed by - Nabi Abdurakhmanov
Set and costume designer - Winner of State Prizes Igor Gulenko
Composer - Laureate of International contests Dmitry Yanov-Yanovsky
Choreographed by - Malika Iskandarova

In the main role - Vassa Vasileva

The premiere - 26 of October, 2001 with support of Embassy of Italy in Uzbekistan

An Italian Playwright and Poet, Karlo Gozzi based his creative work on a winged and wise phrase of an enlightener Goethe: “If you need to create a nation, firstly you have to create a theatre”. 

Nabi Abdurakhmanov for the first time realized his own version of "Princess Turandot" in Israel, invited of a the Theatre School Beit Zvi. The work was so fascinating, and the result was so unchallenged successful that it was decided to stage this performance also in Tashkent on a stage of the Youth theatre of Uzbekistan.

The show of Nabi Abdurakhmanov is not a remake of well-known Vakhtangov's "Turandot" of the beginning of XX century. The new staging of "Turandot" has absolutely different interpretation of Gozzi’s play, crowded with huge joy of being in sensation of Love.
In the interpretation of Director Nabi Abdurakhmanov - "That is normal who is mad about Love", who can feel emotional Passion and Satisfaction given by the Heaven. The Culmination of the whole play around Kalaf and Turandot is exactly such an all-absorbing Love. The performance is light, festive, funny and also unbelievably touching.
The show is devoted to the First Uzbek Drama Studio, whose Diploma work was "Princess Turandot " by the great Karlo Gozzi in 1926.