by Sholom-Aleichem’s "Tevye, the Milkman" novel

In front of spectators, Tevye is trying to find a way out of difficult situations, seeking advice from Sholom-Aleichem. But all answers he finds in his own heart, because he tries to live according to the laws of God. However, with the image of fiddler on the roof, the soul of the Jewish people comes alive on the stage, as if descended from the paintings of Chagall...

Music by Jerry BOCK
Play by Joseph STEIN
Lyrics by Sheldon HARNICK
Translated by Natalya MELKOVA

Directed by - Nabi ABDURAKHMANOV
Stage design and costumes - Dmytry MOKHOV
Remaking of the musical, writing of some original music for the stage version was done by Composer Eola PAK
Choreographer - Shukhrat TOKHTASIMOV
Choirmaster - Natalya KOBZEVA
Teacher of vocal - Ekaterina MELKAMINI
Teacher of ballet - Lyudmila NEMIROVSKAYA

There was used some fragments from the choreography of Jerome POBBINS
The premiere was on the 14th of May, 1995
Duration of performance with interval is 3 hours 15 minutes

The show staged with the support of the Embassies of Israel and USA in Uzbekistan.

It played to enthusiastic reviews from both critics and the genera public in Tashkent. Not only was it the stage version of a well-known and well-loved musical by Jerry Bock and Joseph Stein. But the performance was also the culmination of the Young Spectator’s Theatre’s artistic efforts. The Director uses the stage space professionally, giving an opportunity for the music and movement, all produced by one company of actors. The actors brightly and persuasively convey the history of their own heroes. The performance is lyrical, full of human feelings and internal Light in souls of heroes.
During the "HUMO" International youth theatre festival in Tashkent one of the performance Fiddler on the Roofs was dedicated to the memory of great actor, Solomon Mikhoels, who played the role of Tevye the milkman in the Moscow State Jewish theatre. His daughters - Nina Mikhoels – professor of Beit Tsvi Theatrical School of Israel and Natalya Mikhoels, a writer, came to Tashkent to watch the performance.

Nina Mikhoels was very moved. She told us afterwards that she hadn’t seen such an emotional, and frank performance for a very long time, and she thanked the actors of their profession.
"I’ve seen many different stagings of Sholom Aleykhem’s remarkable and beautiful work. But the version I’ve just seen here in Tashkent has exceeded all my expectations, - she said. “ I’m in shock to the depths of my heart. No words can express my impression after your "Fiddler on the roof".

The director has so finely brought out the theme of human understanding, of human souls and of peoples never-ending dreams of happiness, “she said”. The image of Теvye the philosopher and sufferer who meets all lifes trials with an irrepressible sense of humor, has always touched me. My father loved his hero very much too and during several years played the role of Теvye the milkman, including in the Uzbek State theatre during the Second World War".

Israel literary critics, visiting Tashkent thanks to the Worldwide Jewish Agency SOHNUT, said that unlike the more familiar American, this version is more exact and close to Sholom Aleykhem’s original story. Because the Uzbek stage version is enriched by more closely follows the poetry of the author, they noted, the theatre has managed to avoid melodrama and has succeeding in touching the real, tragic depths of the story.