by Timur Zulfikarov

The action of the theatres new project “Sharora the dancer» is based on the dialogue of two wise men from the East: Hodja Nasrttdin and Hodja Zulfikar.

The performance is staged by:
Nabi Abdurakhmanov - The Director, the author of the staging – the Honored Actor of the a Republic of Uzbekistan;

Dmitriy Yanov-Yanovskiy - The Composer, the Laureate of the First OFARIN Award, the Laureate of International Prizes. Among his awards there are the second prize of the second international Competition of Chamber Music in Friburg (Switzerland). The International Prize ALEA III in Boston (USA); The special Prize of the Cinema Festival in Nanta (France). The compositions of the composer have been performed almost in all counties in Europe and The Northern America. Dmitry Yan – Yanovskiy is an initiator and organizer of The International Festival of Modern Music “ILHOM- XX”;

Sergey Alibekov - The stage manager. The Laureate of the State and International Awards in the field of Cinema art. As a cartoon animator he was awarded with the prizes in Leipzig (1984) and in Bilbao (1985) He is a member of Artists Union and Cinematographers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Works in the field of easel painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics plastics, art and crafts. His collections are displayed in the State museums and private collections of Uzbekistan, Russia and abroad;

Lorance Levasser - The choreographer – director, artistic director of ‘SWEET MOVE” contemporary dance theatre. The Laureate of many International Theatre Festivals and Modern Dance Theatres.

The staging of the new performance “Sharora the Dancer” has already arisen a particular interest with the organizers of the prestige International Festival by Chekhov, focused on inscribing it on the Festival Program of 2005.

The action of the theatres new project “Sharora the dancer» is based on the dialogue of two wise men from the East: Hodja Nasrttdin and Hodja Zulfikar. By the power of their poetry and their wisdom thy act as if they were creating on the stage a number of eastern parables and legends calling for feeling the Higher Sense of divine feeling of Human being in this world; to become aware of the level of human degradation and his abilities of the highest flight of spirit.

Timur Zulfikarov bases the subject on three stories: “The Cup of Flood” “Apocalypses stone”, “Sharora the Dancer”. The main point of the plot is the age-old subject of Lord’s patience which finally exhausted as Lord understood there was no use of waiting in vain for the Glory Triumph of Light in a Human’s Soul which eventually resulted in the Apocalypses.

The characters of the performance will tell the audience an amazing story of a dancer girl. Her talent to see the beauty as it is, to understand the poetry of Universe can bring people closer to knowing the Higher Purpose of Lord. However, she has to face a lot of fears and superstition of those who surround her. The story about the talent is deeply intertwined with the Central Asia History. This story is full of sorry for the mankind who have been waging fratricidal wars in the Ancient times as well as on present –day. In the performance you can hear Bible and Koran parables and the principal idea of the performance is a story of Love, which appears to be the Higher Purpose of Lord’s Creation.

The performance lasts for 100 min.
10 actors take part in the performance.
The premiere was held on the 26 of September 2003