the funniest farce by J.-B. Moliere.

Comedy heroes involved in the series of comic situations requiring masterly talented solutions. Actors, following Moliere, not scoff at natural human desires, but make fun of characters, of themselves and of the audience - fully participants of a great show by the great playwright!

The theatrical production is dedicated to the Blessed Memory of a Dear Teacher – Gulshakhnoz Rakhmanova, who gifted many generations of students with joy of comprehending an amazing story of Western Theatrical Arts.

Directed by – Honored Worker of Arts of Uzbekistan Nabi ABDURAKHMANOV
Set designer – Dmitry MOKHOV (Belorussia)
Composer – Ilya MELAMED (Rusia)
Costume designer – Vassa Vasileva
Choreographer – Anna TRENINA

The show participated in:

- 4th International Festival of the Experimental Theatres in Cairo (Egypt, 1992)

- Tashkent Festival “Theatre and Time” in 1993 – ‘The Critics’ Award’ and ‘Audience Award’ recipient as well as an honored of the ‘Creation of the Actors’ Ensemble’ award.

- theatre’s tours in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine, 1995) and Moscow (Russia, 1992).

- 10th International Theatrical Festival “Meetings in Russia” in St-Petersburg, Russia, 2008.

The comedy, considered as Moliere’s funniest piece of farce, was first played on August 6, 1666 and ever since the date, the world theatre has been faithfully staging up the play in countless theatres for more than 3 hundred years. The uniqueness of its manners, originality of characters, adventurous situations and recognizability of personages never let Moliere’s works grow old-fashioned or out-dated.

Theatricality, elevated onto the highest level, can be attributed to all creations of the great playwright and “Doctor…” is not an exception, but, vice versa, a striking evidence of one.
The spectacle, produced by the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan, gives audiences a true celebration! A celebration of the meeting with mischievous, witty, genius playwright – Moliere.
Moreover, it’s a celebration for viewers to meet themselves – as any man, even though unconsciously, looks forwards to feeling a maximum of pleasure of an importance of their own persona. The actors, following Moliere right away, do not mock at this natural human desire, but funnily and kindly laugh at their characters, their own selves and by this – at the audience members, who are full-righted participants of the spectacle by the great Playwright.
Staging of the play began in 1990, way back to the Theatre-Studio “Dard” and in 1991 the Uzbek-language version of the play was staged by Nabi Abdurakhmanov with a participation of Theatrical Institute’s Uzbek course, which later joined the troupe of the theatre. In 1992, on the stage of the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan (“Russian theatre for young spectators” at that time) the Russian-language version was staged as well.