a plastique show in a style of progressive rock

The biblical parable about the death of wicked and infamous cities is put on the basis of the play. This biblical story is comprehended from the standpoint of the present, where the terrible sin of mankind is Narcomania.

Author of libretto - Djalol Yusupov
Director - Nabi Abdurakhmanov
Composer - Albert Khalmurzaev
Stage Designers - Natalya Evdokimova, Oybek Kayumov, Luiza Suleymanova
Ballet-master - Malika Iskandarova

In the main roles:
Lot – Bobur Yuldashev (2001-2006), Khasan Salikhov (since 2007), Dinis Gromakov (since 2015)
Virgin - Vassa Vasileva (2001-2008), Vera Vladimirova (2004-2008), Elena Vodolazkina (2011-2014), Anna Marusina (since 2011), Sabina Asanova (since 2015)
Lucifer - Anvar Kartaev (2001- 2006), Aleksey Kondratenko (2007 - 2014), Khusan Salikhov (since 2014), Ilya Khalmurzaev (since 2015) 

Duration of the show is 1 hour.
The premiere:
of the open area version - 26 of May, 2001.
of the ordinary stage version - 31 of January, 2004

The show was made on the theme of the International Project 'WORLD WITHOUT DRUGS” under the aegis of UN.
This show firstly was staged on the outside, open area stage with participation of 50 actors. On request of many spectators the theatre has realized new version of this production on an ordinary stage, in which 19 actors are involved.
This show participated in a program of the Moscow International Chekhov theatre Festival in June, 2005. Under the offer of the leader of this festival the new version of the show was made with live music band “Fromuz”.

The main idea of the show was based on the Biblical Parable about the grievously known cities that had been razed to the ground. Unfortunately, this idea still remains the pressing problem of nowaday because to the number of human's vices ever existed in the world have been added the ones of the modern day global drug addiction. Weakness of will, betrayal of the Grandeur of Human's Spirit involve the punishment according to not only Human's but to God's Law.

For the realization of the idea has been found an original way through the Bible plot to comprehend the threatening disaster of today's world which can only be prevented by the Man himself.
The whole show is formed by motion, movement, without words. The communication between audience and actors occurs through the modern style of dance and the music, which is close and clear to the youth as the show itself has been meant for young people.

The event described in Bible is brought to the XXI century. Lot, the main character of the Old Testament parable due to the version of the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan “SODOM & GOMORA-XXI” appears to be a talented rock musician who fascinates by his play the crowds of his fans and takes them to the world inspired by music. Lucifer and his retinue lead the young people astray by the help of a special kind of pleasure drugs. On his side come out the personages who embody the famous rock musicians, the favorites of the past who died prematurely of the drug addiction. Lot is trying to resist all happening around, he fights for his beloved who has also been taken away by Lucifer. The angels, messengers, heralds from the Heavens are trying to help Lot. But the choice for everybody is only one's own choice. Having lost the will, the people loose their lives. And Lot has to leave the city damned by Heavens.

The music for the show has been composed by Albert Khalmurzaev in the manner of progressive rock. In 2001 a CD-disc named “Sodom & Gomorra XXI” (Progressive Symphonic Poem) was issued in France at MUSEA RECORDS studio.


1. And the lads and lasses
who are here now
want to live the history outside of time
of the soaring of the soul
And the fall on the story
nadir of temporation,
to be travelers in nowhere
in loss, in suffering
they tell us the
History of Sodom and Gomorra.

2. Here lies an ancient city
like a temple of antiquity
at burning altars
stand two characters
called Lot and Lucifer.

3. Water, Earth and Sky
are material created for us
and Lot, like an ancient priest
gifts to us in a speaking
dance of recognition
a sense of the world
the material of Good and Evil.

4. And here is a city of the present day.
The types of people who
surrounded Lot is familiar to us
Lot who conquered centuries
Epochs but still striving for Harmony
Holding in his hands a guitar
Now an instrument calling for
Love, capable of
Uniting enemies
of raising up friends
And a maiden who was
the sign of this pure love.
A girl who shared with Lot
All the depth of his daring.

5. And divine light
illuminated their dance of love
And Lot met angels
who had come down to his city
But the impulse of Faith
And of wonder dried up
The people lost Faith
And Lucifer seized the city
Lucifer’s power is immense
if there is no desire for Good
it loomed nearer, like a black cloud.
The people fell down before this force.

6. A road the colour of blood
Fell under Lucifer’s feet in petals
And shocked by this sight
the people forgot the saying
“Do not make an idol for yourself” –
And in its forgetfulness
its city was turned into Den.

7. Among the bestial crowd
Lot receives the called Lucifer
And by the power given by God
by the talent of his music
He draws people after him

8. But the weak man
is ready to sell, to kill, to humiliate
to trample all around
for phantasmal pleasure
to become a wild animal
And crucify, crucify again.

9. O power of light
Do not leave thy sons in trouble.
And the angels rise up in the way of the beast
And the supreme Judgment
Blinds all.

10. Lit seeks amongst the doomed
the maiden who is surrounded
in a terrible, damned circle
by tireless Lucifer
Thirsting for her soul.

11. All infernal fortune is
the Wedding of Death
the waltz of Hell
And the whole crowd
is drown into pseudo-paradise.

12. Lot, true to his sacred prayer
Stands like a stone
on which a temple stands
Will annihilate Lucifer by the power
which is called Hope, Faith and Love
All forgiveness and renewal
And the black entourage leaves
But not forever

13. The idols of generation surround Lot
Lot, embraced by them
desperately battling against
the madness of people
Cannot leave this
Battlefield for souls
But quite hopelessly before.
Before the drunken crowd
which thirst only
for dull, black, fatal oblivion

14. And Heaven moves further away
But Hell ever nearer and ever brighter
the now red and bloody mirage
Swallows up everything
But the angels carry away and save
the righteous man of good power.

And now there is no city
old, ancient.

And now there is no city
Perhaps like the one we live in.


The “BIZNES VESTNIK VOSTOKA” newspaper in its article “Here we are to tell you the truth” says the following:

“…Sodom & Gomorra XXI” a large scaled fascinating show filled with brightness of music, gesture, emotion, symbolic of staging action.”
“… During the whole show the audience is captured by the effect of charming action, which doesn't release you even a moment. It's impossible to pause for breath…”
“…Pending the performance everybody is staring at the stage, whose decorations is symbolic. Like some kind of revelation appear the sounds. The composer Albert Khalmurzaev chases a modern language of progressive rock, where everything is allowed: the mixing of styles from classical music to hard rock. The method of musical blending is not casual. Unexpectedly enough it gives you the intuitive reason for the images of generation's favorites such as Monroe, Priestley, Holliday, Mercury, Visotskiy, and Hendrix who can be seen from the interior of the stage …”

The “PRAVDA VOSTOKA” newspaper in its article “So that everyone can keep it in mind” speaks about the following:

The Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan has introduced to the view of an audience its new performance the plastique/dance show SODOM & GOMORRA - XXI, the performance has been developed on the theme of the international project “The world without drugs” under the aegis of UNO. The fundamental idea is a Bible story about how severely the people from two cities who had wallowed in lie, sins and lewdness were punished. And only Lucifer came out from the flame in order to tempt us over and over again, perhaps in order to make each of us the images of generation's favorites such as Monroe, Priestley, Holliday, Mercury, Visotskiy, and Hendrix.

The “VATANPARVAR” newspaper in its article “Actors say 'NO' to the evil - the drug addiction”:

This has been the second movement performance in the front of the building. It is understood by everyone without an interpreter for the actors don't speak. They play their roles to the music and by means of motion they inspire everybody with innermost thoughts of the grandeur of beautiful valuable life gifted to each of us.

The “TRUD” newspaper in the article “Don't create an idol for yourself”:

“The theatre has started a very hard enterprise. There existed a danger of “overplaying” in such an extraordinary matter and instead of expressing the protest against drugs it might have probably slid into drug's propaganda. Fortunately, they managed to overcome all the delicate details because it has been not only professionally-made but also heart felt full of urge to contribute its artistic deal into the international campaign “The world without drugs”.

The newspaper “THE BUSINESS-BULLETIN OF EAST” - “We came to you with truth”:

"In waiting a show views are rushed on the scene, scenery by which one is symbolical. As revelation the musical sounds are born. The Composer Albert Khalmurzaev elects a modern language of progressive rock, where all permissibles: mixture of styles from classics up to high-gravity rock. The method of a musical collage is not accidental. Unexpectedly and at the same time intuitively is justified the images of idols of breeds cracked drug are displayed by poison into the depth of the stage: M.Monro, E.Prestly, B.Holiday, F.Mercury, V.Visozky, J.Hendrix...

The newspaper “PRAVDA VOSTOKA” - “For remember to everyone”:

…«The Youth theatre of Uzbekistan has presented to spectators a new plastique/movement show «Sodom and Gomorra-XXI». The show is created within the framework of the international project «the World without narcotics» under aegis of the United Nations. In the base is a biblical history, how was punished the inhabitants of two cities, bogged down in lie, sin, debauch …
…only Lucifer who comes out from fire to tempt us again and again, and may be to remember for each of us about inevitable punishment for fleeting pleasure …»