Solo performance by Ksenia Boyko based on three plays by Nina Mazur,
New Art Theater, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Sunday, May 9, at 7.30 pm

Directed by Evgenia Zenzina

In all three of Nina Mazur's plays, the world's female images that have long become archetypes live and breathe: the tragic Medea in her passions, the earthly, pragmatic and unhappy Lady Capulet, and, finally, the cheerful Giacomina, who embodied Renaissance heroines of Giovanni Boccaccio.
All these different heroines and different plays are united by one end to end poignant theme - the theme of motherhood. All three female images are three maternal images.

Medea of N. Mazur, unlike Euripides ' Medea, never killed her children! Having betrayed her motherland, father, having committed a number of unforgivable crimes, she stops before the last line, and if, according to the playwright, she is attributed to infanticide, then they do it deliberately, in order to finally brand her for all remaining centuries of history.

Duration - 1 hour 10 minutes.